Modules Explained

Hey PowerPoint people! We've developed a presentation that helps explain how our cost effective StartupFactory modular marketing approach works. Take a look at the information; if it makes sense, (and we believe it will), contact us for more info.
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It's not what you say about your brand; it's what your brand says about you. Brand promise, brand values, and even brand personality factor into how your company, products, services and people are perceived. We can help you define and shape a well-understood, enduring brand. Start with our FREE Brand Planner.
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Reducing the cost of lost opportunity

The potential for turning opportunity into profit is probably why you started your business. But the cost of lost opportunity may not be fully understood. This short article explains how unnecessary delays in your marketing efforts can impact your bottom line.
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SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool that may be used to evaluate the factors present in a proposed project or venture. It involves identifying and understanding the key factors that contribute favorably or unfavorably toward achieving an objective. We'll show you how it's done.
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We start with your core marketing requirements

Not every early stage business needs everything, but every start-up needs a few key things. StartupFactory offers a bulletproof program for entry-level marketing. We call it the modular approach, and it's a cost-effective way to put all the critical pieces of the marketing puzzle together. The result is an integrated, efficient, organized effort. These core initiatives are offered individually or as a group of two or more; they feature affordable, set prices and enable you to enter your chosen sector quickly and build valuable credibility from the very start.

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How to Make Sure Your Website is Found

With a comprehensive SEO focused website plan you can be found by Google and bring in the traffic your business needs. Visit our StartupWeb Module page for affordable pricing.

Below are a few words from Google about some of the simple ways to improve your rankings.