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StartupPLAN™ includes the following:

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Our quarterly newsletter @theFactory contains valuable bits and pieces of helpful marketing information you can use right away. It features a “tips and tricks” section for improving your marketing efforts, an industry tidbits section, a few sage words from one of our knowledgeable staff, and other interesting stuff.
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Avoid common mistakes

Marketing mistakes are easy to make––especially in the beginning. This article outlines a few of the most common barriers to marketing success. It's a straightforward "do's and don'ts" guide to a variety of issues that may not be on your radar.
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Learn how to succeed in a down market

While everyone else is running for the hills, a smart, lean start-up can find great opportunity. To understand why a tightening market creates opportunities for a start-up, you first need to understand why a bull market makes it so difficult to succeed.
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The StartupPLAN™ Marketing Plan Module

Your Business Success Starts Here

All for one price – $4,500*

Let's face it: learning how to successfully market a technology start-up can be complicated. Well, not really the learning part; in reality, it's the actual doing that gets complicated.

It's one thing to have a stack of marketing techniques, strategies, facts and figures, at your disposal, but if you can't actually distill that mountain of information into a thoughtful, focused, organized plan of attack, you're no further ahead. We can help.

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* 10% Discount when two or more modules purchased together