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Bad press

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Follow these tips on mitigating harmful rumors and negative press coverage and you stand a better chance of putting problems behind you with your reputation in tact.
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StartupFactory Web Development Process

Planning your web site Developing a new website can be a daunting task. We’ve created a simple blueprint delineating how we organize this challenge. Work with us following this step-by-step plan and your new site business can be up and running in a reasonable time frame and without undue aggravation.
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Trade shows

Do your trade show efforts reflect your overall sales and marketing effort? Is every person working your show able to execute on the plan? Do you have a plan? Learn how to get the most out of every trade show dollar spent.
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Our quarterly newsletter @theFactory contains valuable bits and pieces of helpful marketing information you can use right away. It features a “tips and tricks” section for improving your marketing efforts, an industry tidbits section, a few sage words from one of our knowledgeable staff, and other interesting stuff.
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What's next?

StartupFactory offers a variety of integrated products that can be implemented once you establish a sound marketing foundation. Each is designed to integrate perfectly with the work already completed. Visit our Service Plus page for more details.
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StartupWEB™ Web Presence Module

An integrated web presence

All for one price – $5,000*

Everyone knows that a web site is essential for practically every business, and chances are you already have one. But for a web site to deliver on its highest potential, a few fundamental attributes must be present. Does the site clearly communicate key business differentiators? Is it integrated with your off-line marketing efforts? Is the site easy to navigate and deliver what the visitor is searching for? Is the site supported by a robust SEO framework? Put to this simple test, many web sites (especially those designed by “web experts” rather than marketing experts) fail to make the cut. And the critical importance of a great web site at startup cannot be overstated.

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StartupMOBILE™ Module

Mobile Apps Need Promotion
All for one price – $2,200*

Don't depend on Apple and Google to market your mobile applications. Just like any product, you can't depend on the "retailer" to promote your product. It is a concerted effort to effectively brand and market your's a partnership between you and the app stores. They do not provide the turn key programs to effectively describe your product in the store.

Driving traffic to the stores is your responsibility. When you first deploy your app you have a brief moment in the sun on the app store shelves before the next great thing pushes you below the fold. Taking control of your advertising messaging and running great campaigns can increase awareness and thus downloads.

Messaging in the stores requires great communication skills. Screen shots are not enough! Having a clear and concise, easy-to-read message with a call to action about your product with the screen shot can make your downloads fly out of the store.

Tracking what's going on is important. By running an independent advertising campaign you gain insights not provided by the app stores. Using ad outlets such as Facebook, Google and Linkedin can provide quantifying data to cross-reference the analytics provided by the app stores, you can feel confident that you are seeing what is truly happening.

Increase your Mobile App Sales with our proven expertise to drive business.

* 10% Discount when two or more modules purchased together

(media costs billed separately)