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VARTA Microbattery Launches Battery Systems Design Service for Portable Device Manufacturers.

Capitalizing on VARTA’s mobile power engineering expertise, the new CellPac PLUS™ service facilitates battery integration at the design level. The new service will enable OEMs to allocate fewer resources on portable power integration issues and concentrate more fully on new product innovation.

White Plains, NY 12-02-2009 — VARTA Microbattery announced today that the company now offers a battery system integration service focusing on the unique requirements of portable electronic device manufacturers. The new approach to battery design and integration is unlike the traditional method, where by the OEM was required to source a wide variety of discrete components. By contrast, the CellPac PLUS service from VARTA Microbattery will provide the OEM with a complete portable power solution (including cells, connectors, casings, regulator ICs, etc.), in a comprehensive, integrated design.

CellPac PLUS™

Using the CellPac PLUS approach, VARTA Microbattery designs and manufacturers a complete battery pack solution—including cell, connectors, electronics, etc.—that may be installed as a fully integrated unit on the product assembly line. The OEM will benefit in two important ways: CellPac PLUS engineers provide unrivaled expertise regarding the chemical and electronic function of cells, and can deliver a solution that will maximize the performance of the OEM product. Additionally, the manufacturer will be able to reallocate resources away from power solution issues, enabling them to focus on core competencies in the areas of innovation and new product development.

Mr. Eddie Shaviv, President of VARTA Microbattery, USA commented: "Electronics OEMs' design teams are typically composed of digital and analog electronics engineers, software developers and mechanical engineers. I can not think of a single one that employed a chemical engineer on its design team. VARTA, on the other hand, is a chemical engineering company having all the disciplines required to design battery systems. Who better, then, to design a battery pack that is ideal for the device inside?"

About VARTA Microbattery
The venerable German Manufacturer VARTA AG – the longest continuously operating battery manufacturer in the world – has been in the business of making batteries since 1888. In well over a century, the company has accumulated a tremendous amount of expertise in the areas of power technology and product development. In Europe, VARTA is the leading brand in consumer batteries. Many aspects of modern battery design have been adopted from VARTA, but this is only a part of the total picture. VARTA continues to invest in the most advanced manufacturing facilities ever developed for batteries destined for both the OEM and retail markets. With advanced, highly automated manufacturing and distribution facilities in Europe, Asia and in the US, the company has grown to be a global leader in power and performance-optimized, electrochemical energy storage systems for a wide variety of applications.

VARTA Microbattery, Inc. (USA) is headquartered at 1311 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 120, White Plains, New York 10605. Toll free (800) 468-2782. Fax (914) 345-0488.

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