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ABB Energy Interactive offers a software product designed to track and economize on industrial energy consumption.

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Below is some key information that any startup can employ immediately to successfully market or fund their business or just have a laugh.

An Introduction to Startup Financing

How to: Go-to-market planner

How to: Brand Planner

How to: PR for when things go wrong

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Trade Show Efforts

Using banner display advertising as part of your marketing strategy

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Latest Crowdfunding News

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Web Engagement Process

1 to 1 Marketing

Understanding and Using Magic Quadrant Style Analysis

Achieving Advocate Status with your Customers

How to: Understanding and Using SWOT Analysis

Tips on How to Succeed in a Down Market

Is Print Advertising Dead?

Tips on Getting the Photos You Need

How to: Business Plan 101

Learn to Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes

Tips on Reducing the Cost of Lost Opportunity

Steps for Creating and Maintaining Organizational Change

Tips for Gaining Affinity with Prospects and Customers

StartupFactory LLC Mission & Positioning