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Our customers say the nicest things! Check out a few of the comments that make us feel all warm and fuzzy. Seriously, we do a great job and our customers really like working with us. Naturally, we only publish the good stuff.
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ABB Energy Interactive offers a software product designed to track and economize on industrial energy consumption.
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We love to brag about our work! Here is a snapshot view of a campaign or sample of work we really like. We try to update this feature regularly, so bookmark this page and let us know if we can offer your company this coveted spot.
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Why startups?

A good question. For one thing they tend to be populated with fun, energetic people—the kind we like to work with. The products and services are fresh, and hopefully, so is the thinking. But there's more. Learn why we are all about startups
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startupFactory works with Forbes 100 clients

Achieving business success in a down market

While everyone else is running for the hills, a smart, lean startup can find great opportunity. To understand why a tightening market creates opportunities for a startup, you first need to understand why a bull market makes it so difficult to succeed.
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Our quarterly newsletter @theFactory contains valuable bits and pieces of helpful marketing information you can use right away. It features a “tips and tricks” section for improving your marketing efforts, an industry tidbits section, a few sage words from one of our knowledgeable staff, and other interesting stuff.
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Facilitating organizational change can be difficult. Learn how to become a "change leader" and use the building blocks of communication to achieve your goals. Tips on setting the stage for change, delineating a strategy, and more.
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Case studies

We help our clients demonstrate value in their products, services and brand. Our seamless, integrated programs are oriented toward solving immediate requirements as well as achieving longer-term goals. Credibility is the basis for all successful marketing communications. It's critical to understand that as a startup, credibility is your capital, and when it's lost, may be difficult to regain.

Our fully-integrated marketing communications programs contain a number of carefully orchestrated components that work together in a way that causes each part to add synergy to the next. Ultimately, the effort will achieve a set of well-defined goals and objectives. We've collected a few interesting client case studies to demonstrate what we have been able to achieve for some of our clients. We delineate each case study with a situation analysis, the desired objectives, program components and results.

Case Study: ABB Energy Interactive

ABB Interactive logo

ABB Energy Interactive
Headquarters: Oakland, CA
Product: Energy Information Systems
Market: Industrial Electrical Energy

StartupFactory markets for ABB Interactive

Key Challenges

Prospects had a poor understanding of how the retail energy market functions. Little or no awareness of the existence of such a software tool. Prospects were unaware of the company or its product offerings; a classic start-up scenario.

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Case Study: Genmark Automation

Genmark Automation Logo

Genmark Automation
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA
Product: Cleanroom & atmospheric robotics
Market: Semiconductor manufacturing

StartupFactory markets Genmark Automation

Key Challenges

Prospects perceived the company as secretive and troubled. Products were introduced without any formal go-to-market strategy. The only form of PR was bad press. The company lacked comprehensive product documentation.

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Case Study: Ion Systems, Inc.

Ion Systems Logo

Ion Systems, Inc.
Headquarters: Berkeley, CA
Product: Cleanroom air ionization / ESO mitigation
Market: Semiconductor manufacturing

StartupFactory Markets Ion Systems

Key Challenges

Prospects did not clearly understand the science behind air ionization. Products were introduced without an explanation about how or why they worked. PR was nonexistent. Existing print trade ads were neither noticed nor read.

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Case Study: WebLOQ, Inc.


WebLOQ, Inc.
Headquarters: Monterey, CA
Product: Email security solution
Market: Enterprise & SMB security

StartupFactory markets WebLOQ

Key Challenges

Prospects did not understand how easily email security could be compromised. Product introductions followed no particular protocol. PR was nonexistent. Corporate identity needed update. No existing trade show exhibit. No ads.

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