Modular Approach

Not every early stage business needs everything, but every startup needs a few things. This is why we have developed a unique, flat rate, modular startup program.
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Mobile Apps Need Promotion

Don't depend on Apple and Google to market your mobile applications. Just like any product, you can't depend on the "retailer" to promote your product. It is a concerted effort to effectively brand and market your's a partnership between you and the app stores. They do not provide the turn key programs to effectively describe your product in the store.

Driving traffic to the stores is your responsibility. When you first deploy your app you have a brief moment in the sun on the app store shelves before the next great thing pushes you below the fold. Taking control of your advertising messaging and running great campaigns can increase awareness and thus downloads.

Messaging in the stores requires great communication skills. Screen shots are not enough! Having a clear and concise, easy-to-read message with a call to action about your product with the screen shot can make your downloads fly out of the store.

Tracking what's going on is important. By running an independent advertising campaign you gain insights not provided by the app stores. Using ad outlets such as Facebook, Google and Linkedin can provide quantifying data to cross-reference the analytics provided by the app stores, you can feel confident that you are seeing what is truly happening.

Increase your Mobile App Sales with our proven expertise to drive business




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The companies we keep

StartupFactory has helped a number of startups achieve measureable success. Make no mistake, we were lucky to have great companies to work with. But our customers agree: Solid marketing at startup provides a foundation from which a company can build for years to come. Contact us today to see what we can do for your growing company. The consultation is FREE, and we’re glad to do it.

Campaign Spotlight

ABB Energy Interactive offers a software product designed to track and economize on industrial consumption.
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Early stage business? We can help you succeed.

You've done the heavy lifting, and you've managed to transform a great idea into a promising enterprise. Executing on your vision means creating jobs, value and wealth. Now, it's time to bring your product or service to market. We'll help you do it right.

Introducing StartupFactory, LLC.

The marketing expertise you need, when you need it, at a price you can manage.

Focusing on affordable, go-to-market initiatives, StartupFactory is a marketing resource serving startups and emerging companies in the technology business marketplace. With proven skills in strategic planning, startup funding, product positioning, and integrated communication programs, StartupFactory's singular purpose is to satisfy the unique marketing needs of the early stage, technology business. We provide the essential guidance and tools you require to succeed at this critical stage.

We start with the tools you need now.

Not every early stage business needs everything, but every startup needs a few things. Our modular marketing initiatives enable you to enter the market quickly and build valuable credibility from the very start. Our proven, fully integrated programs are effective and efficient. Most importantly, StartupFactory modules are resource-friendly. By adopting our proven approach the steps that lead to business success will be taken in the right sequence, and in a timely fashion. Plus, fixed price modules makes budgeting extremely straightforward.