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StartupFactory PR services:

Coverage you need

StartupFactory can get you the great publicity you need… and deserve. From Tokyo to Toronto to Toledo; trade press to business press to mass media; we've got you covered. Make a name for yourself for as little as $2,500 per month.

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Trade shows

Do your trade show efforts reflect your overall sales and marketing effort? Is every person working your show able to execute on the plan? Do you have a plan? Learn how to get the most out of every trade show dollar spent.
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Bad press

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Follow these tips on mitigating harmful rumors and negative press coverage and you stand a better chance of putting problems behind you with your reputation in tact.
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Make that sale

It will come as no surprise that the more someone likes you the more willing they become to trust you and listen to your sales pitch with an open mind. Tips include gaining common ground quickly and looking for useful clues.
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An introduction to 1:1 marketing

In almost every aspect of business, personal relationships are the coin of the realm. StartupFactory, LLC now offers an easy-to-deploy, economical approach for developing personal, one to one relationships with your prospects and customers. Download this introduction to personalized marketing and learn how it’s done.
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Public Relations

It makes great sense to do everything in your power to control what people think and know about your company, and dollar-for-dollar, a public relations initiative from StartupFactory is often the most economical way to introduce new products, build awareness, influence analysts, and shape the perception of your company.

An effective public relations effort can shorten product-selling cycles and help defer competitive pressures. Plus an efficient PR campaign can deliver leads at a cost lower than any other communications vehicle. Product mentions, application articles and news stories can result in strong, continuous interest in your start-up and provide valuable third-party endorsements. Perhaps the most important benefit of a public relations program is how it can reinforce positive attitudes when customers make product and vendor decisions.

Perhaps the single most important component of a successful PR effort is that of editorial liaison. Initiate a PR campaign from StartupFactory and you will enjoy the benefits of a savvy PR professional who stays in touch with key media on a regular basis—all the while representing your company interests in the most flattering light. The key to continued coverage is continued contact with the editors, analysts and industry thought leaders.

PR from SatrtupFactory can: