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Advocate status

Learn to become a trusted advocate for your customers rather than merely a service or product provider. Council your clients against unnecessary purchases and it can mean money in the bank for you.
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Create a big image on a small budget.

For a start-up, credibility is your stock-in-trade. Credibility attracts better investors, more media attention and quality customers. Call us today for a free consult; we can help you gain the valuable credibility you require right now.


Our quarterly newsletter @theFactory contains valuable bits and pieces of helpful marketing information you can use right away. It features a “tips and tricks” section for improving your marketing efforts, an industry tidbits section, a few sage words from one of our knowledgeable staff, and other interesting stuff.
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Why do we like start-ups?

A good question. For one thing they tend to be populated with fun, energetic people—the kind we like to work with. The products and services are fresh, and hopefully, so is the thinking. But there's more. Learn why StartupFactory, LLC is all about startups.
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Make that sale

It will come as no surprise that the more someone likes you the more willing they become to trust you and listen to your sales pitch with an open mind. Tips include gaining common ground quickly and looking for useful clues.
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Sales collateral

Every growing company requires a library of collateral materials. Data sheets, product brochures, booklets, technical bulletins, press kits and newsletters are effective tools for communicating critical information about your company, products or services. But without an overarching vision regarding style and content, these tools can communicate confusion and a lack of focus. We've seen some bad stuff… adulterated logos, different fonts on every document, colors from the 1970s, and a total lack of visual and brand consistency. We won't let this happen.

Our specialty is making small emerging companies look credible and successful. As an early stage business, credibility is your stock in trade, and we can send you into battle with the sophisticated marketing communications tools you require.