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Why startups?

A good question. For one thing they tend to be populated with fun, energetic people—the kind we like to work with. The products and services are fresh, and hopefully, so is the thinking. But there's more. Learn why we are all about startups
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Our quarterly newsletter @theFactory contains valuable bits and pieces of helpful marketing information you can use right away. It features a “tips and tricks” section for improving your marketing efforts, an industry tidbits section, a few sage words from one of our knowledgeable staff, and other interesting stuff.
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Brand planner

Every business—small or large; start-up or well established, must chose to either focus on a unique brand or permit their brand to aimlessly evolve by default. Learn valuable tips on how to build your brand from the inside out. This planner takes you through the steps.
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Taproot Foundation:
We do it pro bono!

The Taproot Foundation enables business professionals (like us) to donate their skills to help nonprofits with their marketing, human resources, and strategy management. We partner with Taproot and make a real difference in our own Bay Area community. We believe in doing well by doing good. More about Taproot Foundation.

StartupFactory Modules

Some people just love PowerPoint! If you are part of that demographic, we've developed a presentation that helps explain our modular approach. Take a look at the information; if you like what you see, contact us and we'll be right over.
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StartupFactory FAQ

We've gathered a few questions that come in our direction, and have put together some answers that might give you a sense of what it's like to work with StartupFactory, LLC. Our objective is not to simply "land" a customer; it's to find a good fit so that we are able to help a client achieve their specific business objectives. Hopefully the following questions and answers will help you ascertain if we are a good fit with your growing business.

What size and types of firms do you work with?

We specialize in technology start-ups.

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I just have one key issue where I need help, but I don't see a package that deals specifically with what we need right now. Can we still work together?

Sure we can help.

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How will we work together?

Toward the beginning of our relationship you'll probably see us in your office quite a bit–– perhaps once a week for a couple of months.

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Can we get together and meet a couple times first? This is a big decision and I'd like to get a feel for how and if we can work together.

We believe in holding hands before getting married.

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What sets you apart from the other marketing firms?

Thanks for asking; there are a few key differences.

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If we engage you for strategy & planning, what are your typical deliverables?

Our main deliverable is insightful analysis and transformative advice.

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Can you cross out confidential info and then show me a sample plan from another client?

Sorry. It undercuts the credibility of our recommendations.

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Why do you offer so much free information on your site?

We ascribe to the "free-then-fee" business model that offers something of value at no cost, then offers premium, follow-on content for a reasonable fee.

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What are your payment terms?

All services are billed at the completion of the assignment, with payment due net 30 days.

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Who at StartupFactory will be working with us?

Robert Goldberg, founder and president of StartupFactory, LLC will do the majority of the consulting.

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How would you describe the ideal StartupFactory client?

Our ideal client is an energetic, promising, technology start-up.
Our ideal client is hiring us because of our experience and expertise.
Our ideal client submits payment promptly.
Our ideal client is engaged in our work process.
Our ideal client is thoughtful and timely in their participation.
Our ideal client is open to a challenge and a different perspective.
Our ideal client has a sense of humor. Please!