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Creating a culture of change is essential in achieving organizational change. “Change leaders” are responsible for developing, nurturing and maintaining this culture. Change leaders must communicate effectively so that they can both motivate and organize internal teams. Download this whitepaper and learn more about how organizational change can be accomplished with minimal loss of blood.
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StartupFactory, LLC Advisory Panel

Spend two decades running complicated marketing programs for a large number of Silicon Valley companies, and you meet some pretty smart people. You just can't help it. By carefully choosing whom among our colleagues has the most relevant startup experience we have assembled a small group of experts to serve on the StartupFactory Advisory Panel. These savvy professionals have proven technology business acumen; they are our "ace-in-the-hole" when it comes to solving unique marketing challenges. For any of our customers seeking guidance on preparing for a successful IPO, tips on raising capital without loosing your shirt, launching first-of-their-kind products or taking the economic temperature in Shanghai, these tech industry veterans have seen and done it all. When you choose to work with StartupFactory you enjoy the collective experience of some of the brightest thought leaders, business experts, and technology innovators in the Valley… and beyond!

Panel Members

Sowmya Krishnan is the CEO and founder of SemiTrac, Inc.,

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David Hubbard is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Alliance Fiber Optic Products (NASDAQ:AFOP) in Mountain View, California.

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John Vecchi currently leads the Network Security Product Marketing effort at Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

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Bob Nakao is publisher at Gardner Publications.

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