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Why startups?

It's a good question. For one thing startups tend to be led by fun, energetic people—the kind of folks we like to work with. The products and services are fresh, and hopefully, the thinking is too. But there's more. Learn why we're "all about" startups.
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Got Funding?

Most early stage businesses will require an infusion of capital to achieve their next set of goals. Are you ready to pitch your ideas to potential investors? Being prepared means knowing what investors are looking for – and what they expect in a pitch. We can help with a free, no obligation meetup with entrepreneurs in and around Silicon Valley. It's quite possibly the best 20 minutes you spend on your business all week!.
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Brand planner

Every business—small or large; start-up or well established, must chose to either focus on a unique brand or permit their brand to aimlessly evolve by default. Learn valuable tips on how to build your brand from the inside out. This informative planner takes you through the steps.
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Taproot Foundation:
We do it pro bono!

The Taproot Foundation enables business professionals (like us) to donate their skills to help nonprofits with their marketing, human resources, and strategy management. We partner with Taproot hoping to make a real difference in our own Bay Area community. We believe in doing well by doing good.

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StartupFactory Modules

Some people just love PowerPoint! If you are part of that demographic, we've developed a presentation that helps explain our modular approach. Take a look. If you like what you see, contact us and we'll be right over.
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About our company

StartupFactory LLC is a multidisciplinary strategic marketing and communications firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our singular purpose is to satisfy the unique marketing requirements of the early stage, technology business.

Why StartupFactory?

With 20+ years in the field of technology marketing, we will put our expertise to work for you right away. Expensive agencies and consultants with less technology experience jump into the metaphorical empty pool as they invent water on the way down. They may have time for this sort of learning curve, but you don't. We can get you into the market faster, more effectively, at a lower cost of entry.

We're different.

We know what works, what doesn't, whose opinion counts, and how much things should cost. Our extensive technology industry experience is spread across the entire marketing mix: corporate identity, strategy and core messaging, design and implementation of print and web-based advertising campaigns, trade show efforts, direct marketing, public relations programs and the development of sales and support materials that ensure compliance with brand standards. We can help you identify potential funding resources and present your interests in a clear, professional manner.

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

We have organized the most essential marketing necessities into four core modules that are designed to work together seamlessly. Each module is priced separately and modules can be combined in a manner that fits your particular needs and budget - now and in the future.

Why we publish our prices

At StartupFactory we thought long and hard about publishing prices. We clearly understood the benefit of doing so as a service to our prospects; published prices make it easier to ascertain how much a marketing plan, PR program, or website might reasonably cost.

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The face behind the Factory.

StartupFactory is the product of Silicon Valley marketing veteran Robert Goldberg. Working in the Valley for over two decades Bob has learned a few things about the technology business, and it's not all pretty.

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Every silver lining has a gray cloud.

Some of the smartest engineers and product developers around simply lack the DNA to market effectively. It's just not in them. Still others actually believe that their product or service is so revolutionary, so innovative, and so utterly indispensable, customers will line up at their door without any promotional effort what so ever.

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The StartupFactory business model is simple.

Our focus is on technology startups. We recommend only the proven marketing tools required for achieving specific objectives at this unique stage of business. We offer prudent guidance, and price our service offerings toward the mid-range of what is being charged by comparable Bay Area marketing organizations. We operate with a vastly reduced overhead, and can thus charge fairly for the expertise, creativity and business acumen offered.