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SemiTrac, Inc. to offer specialized testing for critical subsystems contained in semiconductor, MEMS and solar capital equipment.

New Silicon Valley resource for providing component verification and root cause failure analysis in semiconductor equipment subsystems.

Santa Clara, CA, 09-15-09 – SemiTrac, a growing Silicon Valley technology company specializing in the test and characterization of critical subsystems and components used in the semiconductor, MEMS and solar capital equipment industries announced today that they have completed preparations to offer comprehensive consulting on the effects of highly specialized process gasses on select third-party components. Recognizing that most OEMs lack the time, experience and expertise to conduct such specialized analysis, the company is positioned to provide this service on a consulting basis.

Specialized service can result in shorter time to market for equipment manufacturers.
The goal of the new enterprise is to assist original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in identifying issues in third-party components whose performance are crucial to process repeatability on wafer processing equipment. SemiTrac will specialize in providing root cause failure analysis, identifying components requiring modification and provide corrective measures that will optimize critical subsystem performance. The ability to quickly analyze and mitigate problematic performance in third party components will enables OEMs to bring their products to market in less time and improve end-user product satisfaction.

Sowmya Krishnan, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer of SemiTrac brings over a decade of semiconductor process expertise to the new organization. Before launching the new enterprise, Dr. Krishnan occupied the role of Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Ultra Clean Technology, Inc. (UCTT - NASDAQ). The Silicon Valley veteran remarked "I believe that SemiTrac’s proven expertise in this important field will enable OEMs to focus more on key product development and avoid becoming deeply involved in complex, time-consuming component and subsystem troubleshooting." Krishnan continues "Our vision is to provide the industry with cost effective solutions and data-driven analysis relative to critical component and subsystem performance."

About SemiTrac, Inc.

Founded in 2008, SemiTrac provides cutting-edge engineering services to the manufacturers of critical subsystems used in semiconductor, MEMS and photovoltaic manufacturing equipment. Areas of expertise include complex mechanical systems, gas and liquid delivery systems, electrical systems, and embedded control systems found in a wide variety of components, modules and subsystems. The SemiTrac Engineering Solutions Team has decades of proven expertise in complex systems design, test and verification. Service offerings include product concept and performance evaluation, specification-based design consulting and complete prototype development. SemiTrac employs the most advanced engineering tools and techniques for design, documentation and database management. SemiTrac, Inc. is headquartered at 4633 Old Ironsides Dr.,#401 Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA. Telephone (510) 943-6209 (x8008) or (650) 279-0104 (cell). More at

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Ms. Sowmya Krishnan
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Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
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