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Power One Brand, Rolls Out Next Generation of Premium, Longer-lasting Zinc Air Batteries

Long term R&D effort to extend battery life and improve packaging results in a new benchmark in hearing aid battery technology.

White Plains NY, 07-11-09 – VARTA Microbattery, manufacturers of power one brand batteries, announced at the recent EUHA Congress (Nuremberg, Germany) that they have achieved a new performance benchmark in zinc air technology. As a result of highly-focused, on-going research and development, this new generation of power one batteries deliver the highest capacity at high and stable voltage. Improving on their excellent past performance, the new power one cells exceed the capacity of any other zinc air hearing aid battery commercially available. Power one has increased battery capacities by a significant 10% in three of the four battery types. On average this increase could provide an additional 16 hours of hearing device functionality for the end user. The new power one Cochlear 675 IMPLANT plus, designed for use in high-power devices now delivers a sensational 20% higher operating time than in its predecessor.

Power one: high and stable voltage.

In 2003, power one was the first battery to introduce “high and stable voltage” and set an important benchmark for both battery performance and better hearing. High and stable voltage ensures the longest running times in high power as well as in digital hearing devices. In 2003 power one batteries delivered improved performance in all popular sizes: Type 10 with 85mAh; Type 312 with 165mAh; Type 13 with 290mAh and Type 675 with 630mAh.

Today, capacities have been greatly improved: Type 10 with 105mAh; Type 312 with 185mAh; Type 13 with 330mAh and Type 675 with 650mAh.

Power one continuing along a well planned technology road map that will maintain their leadership position as makers of the longest lasting hearing aid battery in the industry. Higher performance, value pricing and other desirable battery characteristics are the result of several factors. Power one uses proprietary chemistries with larger qualities of the core materials that lead to longer life and higher performance. Additionally, cells are encased in a high-quality stainless steel can. This combination delivers high performance and at the same time prevents corrosion in harsh, high humidity environments. Power one zinc air cells provide improved reliability and hearing device protection due to threefold sealing and patented PTFE film technology.

Research, development, testing and precision manufacturing takes place at their state-of-the-art facility in Germany. Manufacturing is conducted on super efficient, fully-automated, high speed lines ensuring consistent quality year after year and cell after cell. Advanced technologies and improved economies of scale enable power one to manufacture premium batteries at a "value" price.

Every power one cell is tested for electrical and mechanical characteristics (under extreme climactic conditions in long term trials) to guarantee compliance with each cell’s individual specification. Zinc air comfort tab technology facilitates easy handling and insertion of the cell and guarantees longer shelf life, and he battery activates within seconds after removal of tab. Plus, power one cells are optimized to extremely low internal resistance.

Premium product requires smart packaging.

Power one batteries feature packaging that is simple, easier to handle and convenient to use. Improved packaging ensures easy removal of cells from the rotary dispenser while at the same time providing maximum product protection. The "power seal" guarantees that batteries can only be removed from the packaging after the main seal has been broken. This ensures that all cells are in their original packaging: fresh, untouched and have been factory tested. The innovative rotary-wheel dispenser allows each cell to be easily removed and put back again, if needed. The rotary-wheel has a patented indexed stop-mechanism for extra security and convenience. The resealable latching system guarantees secure closing of the packaging, as often as needed. Packaging is color coded for easy identification; the recyclable packaging made of PET and cardboard for minimal environmental impact.

As a result of successful efforts to improve product and package useability, power one has been awarded the prestigious iF Award (gold) for innovative retail packaging. "Hearing aid batteries are quite small, and their handling and storage can present difficulties for some hearing device users" states Mr. Eddie Shaviv, president and CEO of power one brand batteries. "This is why we have focused our resources on providing both better performance and exceptional packaging. "We are proud to have been awarded in such a way, but even more satisfied that our efforts will result in an improved customer experience of our products", adds Shaviv. In addition to the iF Award, Varta Microbattery was the recipient of the 2004 GEO Award and was included on the 2004 "Top 100 – Innovator of the Year" list of mid-size German enterprises.

About power one

The venerable German Manufacturer Varta AG – the longest continuously operating battery manufacturer in the world – has been in the business of making batteries since 1888. In well over a century, the company has accumulated a tremendous amount of expertise in the areas of power technology and product development. In Europe, Varta is the leading brand in consumer batteries. Many aspects of modern battery design have been adopted from Varta, but this is only a part of the total picture. Varta continues to invest in the most advanced manufacturing facilities ever developed for batteries destined for the OEM and retail markets. With advanced, highly automated manufacturing and distribution facilities in Europe, Asia and in the US, the company has grown to be a global leader in power and performance-optimized, electrochemical energy storage systems for a wide variety of applications. Varta Microbattery, Inc. (USA) is headquartered at 1311 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 120, White Plains, New York 10605. Toll free (800) 468-2782. Fax (914) 345-0488. or

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Varta Microbattery, Inc.
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